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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dick Proenneke and the Twin Lakes of Alaska

Dick Proenneke in Alaska
Dick Proenneke is famed for living off the land  in remote Alaska for more than 40 years.  He was a true outdoorsman and conservationist.  He chose to live in one of the most beautiful places in Alaska-- the Twin Lakes region.  It is located inside Lake Clark National Park, southwest of Anchorage.  He built his cabin by hand and lived off the land almost entirely.  My family all had the pleasure of knowing Dick while he lived here in Alaska, and in fact, they used to fly supplies to him on the lakes.  Below is a short video of his first year in the "bush".  If you have ever dreamed of escaping the concrete jungle and living in a peaceful mountainous vista, then you have to watch this video.  Not that any of us will ever take it to this extreme, but it is an inspiring video to say the least.  

   Most of our trips take place in the backcountry of Lake Clark National Park, including a trip to the Twin Lakes.  The footage in the video shows the amazing mountains, wildlife and of course the pristine Twin Lakes.   Dick's cabin still stands today and visiting it while exploring the surrounding landscape is a cherry on top of an amazing trip.  The video to the right is a couple who came to explore Twin Lakes and see Dick's cabin with us this summer.

If you are interested in finding more info on the Twin Lakes region and exploring this amazing land check us out at http://AlaskanVentures.com/.  
Below are a few pictures from our past trips exploring the Twin Lakes region.
Hiking to Low Pass.  Twin Lakes and Emmerson creek in background.

Hiking in Emmerson Pass on our way to Twin Lakes

Hiking in Twin Lakes country Alaska
Paddling on the Upper Twin
Paddling the Lower Twin Lakes Alaska

Turquoise mountain pass on our way to Twin Lakes


  1. There nothing like Twin Lakes and seeing dick Proenneks cabin in person

  2. I am now 61 nd nothing to hold me back.....I plan on making this trip in the near future.